IdjitCast Season Five Episode Nineteen “Hammer of the Gods”

Many gods from many cultures are understandably concerned that the Judeo-Christian apocalypse seems to be underway, and unstoppable. The gods are meeting in a motel, and pull Sam and Dean into their trap in an attempt to get a handle on the situation. Can Loki/Gabriel rescue Sam and Dean before Lucifer arrives?

Today is the episode discussion for “Hammer of the Gods,” Annie is still under the weather, but Matt A. returns to help us break it down. Listen and we might speak of:

Raisin Bran and Raspberry Jam

Winchester stars are weighted differently

Pile driver of inappropriate?

Bellhoppy dress

Stinky feet

Railroad hotels

Cool room!

Pied maze with Reese’s

13 year old boys go through that phase, you know, Amy Tan?

Robotty just for you.

Please let’s see coyote trickster!

Is Jesus coming?

Kathy “Jesus” Griffin

Trebek tips

Let’s not go back to the Smurfist

200,000,000 lion-headed what exactly?

2 whole seasons of Ghostfacers?

Trashcan Man comes up.

Matt Führer?

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