IdjitCast Season Five Episode Nine “The Real Ghostbusters”

This week, Sam and Dean join many other Sams and Deans, thanks to an emergency text from Chuck. It’s a Supernatural convention, and while dozens of LARPers playact a ghost scenario one pair find themselves actually doing a lot of the heavy lifting along with the real Sam and Dean.

Heidi joins us again this week, listen in and you may hear:

John has an apartment! (at this point has had one for a bit of time)

You know what’s important, Scrabble.

Ooh! The Game of Life!

Living in the city.

It’s a gas!

Cons? Some of us…

Letitia Gore? W.L Gore? Martin Gore?

Napoleonic …stuff.

LARPing Letitia.

Paul is a bad actor, and he can’t act as a bad actor very well. (But he’s a decent voice actor.)

Hazy old theater days.

Nose picking with a hook?

Casual gaming, crushing candies or something…

Supernatural Go! Gotta catch all the ghosts…

Houses with creepy rooms.

“Are we making this up?”

Bobby and Rufus would be great pug names.

Talking around Crowley casting.

We’ve got all sorts of other podcast ideas.

Iris hates you all.

Yep, The Benders is still like Countrycide.

John makes a bear in the quotes section.

Darcy was the Mikey of the art world.

Tammy disappears from Paul’s brain courtesy of rum.

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