IdjitCast Season Five Episode Five “Fallen Idols”

This week, wax is not a description of what Dean does when he knows Sam will be out of the room on an extended research outing. Wax museum hauntings, attacks by ghosts of the dead celebrities… and living ones?

It is time for us to discuss “Fallen Idols,” listen to us and you may hear:

All our experts live in…

Some detail on James Dean’s Little Bastard, including Obi Wan’s prophecy.

Paul talks bad about Darcy’s “sweet ride.”

Not exactly the “glass necklace.”

I’m not wearing your seatbelt of oppression.

Vince and… Larry!

The version of the script where dead football players kept attacking people evolved into the wax museum.

Chekhov’s Gandhi

Gotta know your anatomy.

Yvette is 2-for-2 on Paris Hilton cameos on her introcasts.

Brush with Birdman at Walgreens.

Paul continues to probe about end of season.

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