IdjitCast Season Five Episode Eight “Changing Channels”

When Sam and Dean start investigating a new case and suddenly find themselves inside all manner of television programming, they quickly surmise the Trickster is involved. But when they get to the bottom of the pile of medicals, procedurals, commercials, sitcoms, and bizarre game shows, they find out something more about their Trickster than they ever expected.

Nutty joins us once more to discuss the episode “Changing Channels.”  Listen along and you may hear Doctor Bob say:

Trapped in This American Life but the Nightvale.

The perils or benefits of beginning in medias res.

Magnum knows what you’re thinking. We need to know what Veronica is thinking.

In other news, Xander was a teenager, as was Bella.

Full House font. (Which was created for the show and was called “Full House Font”)

Back in the day, when Supernatural was airing…

We have one more Hulk.

St. Elsewhere with Mom, Quincy, Welby, Veterinarian’s Hospital

We talk very specifically about a scene at the dinner table in Downton Abbey without spoiling it.

Less slime, more concussions.

“Sometimes I get constipated…”

Have they therefore never met an actual Trickster?

How to watch Law & Order

Kids, don’t put out an oil fire with water.

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