IdjitCast Season Eight Episode Twenty “Pac Man Fever”

This week, the episode title just barely fits, but our favorite sci-fi pseudonym user is back with a case for Sam and Dean. We discuss Season Eight, Episode Twenty, “Pac Man Fever.”

As always we look at the episode in depth, but find time for…

No Annie, no Yvette, but we do have a special surprise guest.

And nobody may have been more surprised than he?

Ah ah ah… so far…

Djinn and tonics are on hand.

Not that sort of die hard.

Reaffirmed dedication.

Are you reading this right now?

Deep podcast pull: Wingin’ It

Evo Terra spoiled Serenity, never forget.

Podcasting, who could have predicted it?

She’s good with a segue, but not on a Segway.

The jetlag from hell has got to be the jetlag from hell.

Cooper shooting reference.

Snickers is more help.

Nougat as an aiming aid? Not so much.

Is Payday the same as a Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll?

Pearson also makes Nut Goodies and Bun.

No longer does the cowbell toll, for thee nor anyone else. And our favorite bowl is gone too.

Edit? Nope.

Probably Jeff Goldblum.

Mock fashion montage. What’s like shopping with Paul, exactly? (She’s Lynda Boyd, btw)

Slightly less likely to be Bobby.

Do not poke that…

Squirt gun full of fake blood? Fun for all ages.

Fail trombone fail.

Answers for Jack Mangan on Charlie’s aliases.

“Changing Channels” reference.

You can say ass.

Shirtless Belushi wannabe.

“Family Remains” reference.

“Jessica Jones” Season One reference.

Make me look less bad please?

Nerd girl’s gotta nerd, apparently.

We did some editing on Simone’s feedback.

Djinnifer, oh Djinny. (if you dare, it tells exactly why, technically, which Paul got wrong.)

Both written by Robbie Thompson, actually all three so far.

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