IdjitCast Season Eight Episode Seventeen “Goodbye Stranger”

Sam and Dean investigate strange murders across the Midwest, and find a group of demons searching for something hidden by Lucifer. The individual behind the apparent murders is someone unexpected.

This week is our full discussion of “Goodbye Stranger.” We will discuss the episode in-depth.

We also take time out for:

Duluth cold vs Duluth warm

The unprofessional should arrive at any minute.

Where’s the brow normally? Apparently just above whatever got cut out…

Let’s not talk about special kitty surprises.

Endeavor had an egg.

Eye contact.

Maybe Sam will become a giant snake!

William Nye, Scientist Person

I don’t need to do a link for Beetlejuice, do I?

Neither of the above are quite what Darcy meant, but when I looked up Paper Towns, there was no finding them due to a novel and movie.

“Summer at Fallingwater: An Architectural Romance” No, it would be a link if it was real.

Still offering Devil in the White City.

I’m glad I don’t know anything.

Map lady/curler lady

How many Megs?

Mesopotamia was Mesopotamia for quite some time.

If you don’t watch the whole thing there’s a woman in a dog collar either way.

Hard to clean up a mess by poking a hole in someone.

Abandoned warehouses and spice factories.

So… like Judas Priest poisoning or something?

Don’t go into abandoned warehouses or missile silos, kids.

Useless sigils and meaningful conversation.

“She could come bac-“ “Please no.”

Hidden room, no surprises.

But Paul was mistaken, the book he was referring to was by Patrick F. McManus

“Yeah, I guess – Yeah, I feel a general unselfish love for everyone.”

Desensitized from that word.

I vote Chuck.

I vote rum.

Our prophet poops in a box.

Character death counts remain a mystery to us.

Stinky bus toity.

First Class Bus=Swanky; Normal Bus=Cliche

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