IdjitCast Season Eight Episode One “We Need to Talk About Kevin”

This week, “We Need to Talk About Kevin.” No, put away the crossbow, and let’s look at the first episode of Season Eight. It’s another year between seasons, and this time Sam is the one who retired and lived life on Main Street. Dean is fresh from Purgatory and totally forgets that other time there was a year between seasons when Dean retired and lived life on Main Street. The boys are reunited and they go off to find adventure and prophet.

Bianca joins the podcast as a new permanent expert, and we talk about the episode. As usual that’s not all, you may also hear:

A hearty welcome to Bianca!

Goodbye Sera, Hello Jeremy.

There’s where that crossbow came from.

Crossbow? Not unless you are 21!

Paul references 2×05 “Simon Said”

Generally fewer classic rock needle drops in S7, on further review.

Trying to guess how long things string out.

Does Purgatory have a Great Clips?

Sam is Sun-In hippie Jesus?

How do you get a vamp in your arm?

Random cabin trip or plan?

Pot, meet kettle

Paul with the deep Sega reference.

This is not the Whedonverse.

Benny had to have eaten some folks, no?

Smelled dog in Baby.

Darcy has Guthrie, but Paul has no Glass.

There’s something very Canadian aboot these guys, eh?

Put a pin in Darcy’s Mayans until next week.

Darcy posits it was a demon dog.

Paul quietly references Peaches & Herb in the background.

Bucket baths.

Reading prophets vs writing prophets

So Dean/Benny ships as Denny? Certainly not Bean…

Paul’s all alone here…

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