IdjitCast Season Eight Episode Eleven “LARP and the Real Girl”

Time to LARP with Jack Mangan and Nutty! We’re back (and Fox too) to discuss the episode “LARP and the Real Girl” in depth.

We’ll talk the details of the show, but we’ll also get around to:

Jack and Nutty finally meet.

Rating system thievery.,_drawn_and_quartered

WWII in some ways nastier than that. (Never a football player, maybe Paul was thinking of Dick Butkus? )

Stay out of Cabot Cove.

No Eccleston? Try Tennant.

It’s not cool? You do you.

Fun with spoilers (only for the Original Trilogy).

Symptoms consistent with…

My what is haunted?

You can say Macbeth, especially in relation to belladonna poisoning.

Should you worry when the skull head is in front of you?

Fox demonstrates his bird-ness.

If you stay tuned after the closing music, be prepared for cute.

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