IdjitCast Season Eight, Cluster A

This week we look at our first episode cluster of the season, Episode 2 “What’s Up Tiger Mommy?” and Episode 3 “Heartache.” Is Heartache worse than Bugs?!?

Yvette is back with us this week, and we talk through these episodes, also taking time to mention:

Something better be surprising…

Health grossness.

With yogurt.

Their momma never told them they’d better shop around.

We still dip into the Whedon pool.

“Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever” mentioned again.

Remember that whole Dick thing? Nope?

The Rev is playing Winnipeg, Manitoba on Friday and Saturday night this week.

Backwards exorcism cool, but poor Eunice.

Paul was thinking of Season 3 Episode 16 “No Rest for the Wicked”

Paul confuses Alfie with Cate Blanchett.

Whedon pool. No fire ax.

Paternity throwaway?

Castiel welcomes you to Hot Topic.

Special Hot Topic scent.

Spencer Gifts is same company as Spirit Halloween Stores, but not Hot Topic.

We take our bets for Castiel’s return.

How Purgatory Works:

Can you kill a soul? Hey Brad Cupples, what is a soul?

Darcy’s dad was not a priest.

Gravel in the throat.

Alleged Louisiana accent? No thanks, Benny.

Did Dean kill Cas? These are things the Newbies wonder.

Cosmo with replica Mjolnir

Time out for movies.

Fox gets Samandriel’s name right this time.

Jensen directs a real steamy episode. Um, I mean a real steamer.

Jensen’s Dad is in it, though.

Paul stays classy.

Is a “Go Fish” (in the Whedon Pool?”)

Purse those wrinkly lips!

Indefensible hair.

You win, now die!

Darcy was Mayan-prescient.

Mayan God of Corn:

Sloppy homework.

No Harry?

I looked up the Bunny Hole.

So this episode was an accident, then?

Burner smartphone?

The worst ever?!

Supernatural is sadly light on positive black characters, Rufus aside.

Paul says something mildly outrageous, but not wrong…

Apparently it is like “Go Fish.”

Dull as dishwater, Amelia and Riot?

Paul mixes up Lucifer and the King of Hell, but one of them is gone, never to return…

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