IdjitCast Season 7 Cluster A

Season 7 time! We all got together to discuss our first cluster of the season, for episodes 1-4. The recording was delayed by various life stuff including a hurricane, and occurred just days before this release.

In Cluster A, we discuss 7x01 Meet the New Boss, 7×02 Hello, Cruel World, 7×03 The Girl Next Door, and 7×04 Defending Your Life.

As usual, things discussed diverge on occasion from a strict discussion of the show, so you might hear:

Fire dogs

The Perfect Pickle (Their mascot is apparently a one-eyed pickle. I can only imagine Dean’s reaction to that…)

Flight on the Lake

MN 6th, we’re glad to no longer be in you…

Bye forever

Being Mark Sheppard… It helps

All up in that hospital, whatever that means.

Sorry/not sorry for the Obamacare comment (Actually from Kingston, sorry Kingston…)

No, the other John. (Hint – This is the building, just  not the right restaurant) (The soup is good, but the video is…uhhh) Francis Johnson’s Twine Ball Cheater Ball Ball of Paint

Not Bruce Campbell


Shanked with a shiv

No pudding

You, sir, are no Lemmy

Badass Osiris chair and collar

Darcy turns to Paul in slight surprise until he says he was speaking as an executive character, not himself.

Racist ghost car?

Rabbi ridealong: Rinse the ramhorn

Battered Rabbi > Cheesed Clerk

Dr. Feel

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