IdjitCast Newbie Intro – Yvette!

We are pleased to introduce another of our hosts! I have been highly enjoying listening to her over the past year or so, and I know you will too. It’s Yvette!

Listeners to our sister podcast on QuadZ, “Investigating Mars” will need no introduction. She was a fresh newbie going into Veronica Mars, as well as a podcast newbie. I had the pleasure of guesting on several episodes of “Investigating Mars” during their run. Now Yvette is an Introcast veteran with one completed series under her belt.

IdjitCast will be rebooting with an Omnibus Episode which will cover the 5 episodes from the old series. Feedback time will be limited as we cover five episodes in a single recording session, but please feel free to send something in!

Recording for the Omnibus Episode is Friday, May 30 at 8PM CT! 

Send us your feedback!

Email: Please Put the Episode Title in the Subject Line!

Voicemail: 206-309-9389 Please Use the Episode Title in the first sentence or two!

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