Idjitcast Host Intro: John Pavlich!


I am very pleased to reveal one of our new hosts of the Idjitcast. Please welcome our new Expert, John Pavlich!

I have listened to and worked with John for many years, and am very excited to have him aboard the rebooted Idjitcast.

Also SPOILER ALERT!! ¬†This podcast has a section at the end where I disclose all the ways in which I may have been spoiled going forward. This is to avoid any possible situation where the Newbies cross-spoil each other (“So, everyone knows Angel is a…”). This section will be at the end of each Newbie Host Intro that follows as well.

Spoiler Section begins at approximately 7:12, and continues through the end. Do not listen if you are a newbie, or if you are planning to view along with us as a Newbie Listener! There is a Spoiler Alert Tone immediately preceding.

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