Ghostlight Podcast Season Two, Episode Four “Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair”

Screenshot 2:12:14, 7:55 PM

Geoffrey settles into new luxury digs, in props storage, with his BGFF Oliver, living the life of the half-crazed dumped guy.  Ellen is forced to get financial with Revenue Canada, and meanwhile the festival’s finances suffer further downfall under Froghammer’s ad onslaught. Darren Nichols gets his brain way too far around Romeo and Juliet. The possibly pseudonymous Lionel Train almost rehearses his reading and dates Anna in the meantime. Henry Breedlove is an ****, Juliet gets her Romeo, and Ellen’s brother-in-law itemizes her deductions.

Listen in as we:

Discuss but not reveal a visual tie between this episode and the pilot of “Supernatural.” (I won’t go further here, but if you’ve seen both it is readily apparent and amusing)

Dispel the notion of how comfy prop couches are


Teach just what angle is optimum for playing a clarinet.

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