Ghostlight Podcast Season Two Bonus (Episode Eight) “Men With Brooms!”


It is time for a bonus episode! In between seasons, we take a break to look at Paul Gross’ 2002 film “Men With Brooms!” Chris Cutter’s old curling coach dies, bringing him and his fellow teammates back to Long Bay Ontario. The local rink is tasked with vying for the Golden Broom trophy. Meanwhile, Cutter is pulled back into a love triangle he never knew existed, and deals with his strained relationship with his father. Paul Gross, Molly Parker, and Leslie Nielsen star.

Listen as we:

Try to identify three cast members in common with “Slings and Arrows.” (Hint: One is pretty obvious)

Look at improbable things, and realize they are mostly fiction. One even has a link to the Beatles!

Attempt to discern which beavers are real and which ones are DigiBeavers!

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