Ghostlight Podcast Season Three, Episode Three “That Way Madness Lies”

This week in New Burbage, Charles continues to have performance difficulties, and continues to offend or insult pretty much everyone he acts with. Tensions continue between the dramatic and musical companies, but when Paul and Sophie attempt a prank, Paul has a potential change of heart. Inside the rehearsals of “East Hastings,” Richard tries to take initiative, but is initially shut down by Darren. After Richard returns with specific ideas (and a flowchart), Darren reluctantly agrees to try the show with Richard’s tweaks, at least once.

Listen as:

We deploy the Tangent Bell within the first 90 seconds.

We revisit offstage suicides and reporting of them.

Paul offers acting career advice, based on hearsay but absolutely no experience…

Bonus: Can you spot the word replaced in editing?

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