Do Something Good: Volunteer and Get a Free Day at a Disney Park!

As part of our celebration of 2010, I’m starting a series on things you can do that require only a little effort or a little time to help the world! Do something good today, you’ll be surprised how happy it makes you feel!

Today’s task: volunteer! Sign up for a volunteer job in your area (you can search by zipcode/city) and complete a day for a free ticket to a Disney park. Search at:

Time Commitment: About 10-25 minutes to search and apply for a position. Volunteer assignments I saw are between 2hrs – 5hrs. Many of them you can schedule around your own time.

Extra Credit for Little Effort: Email friends/family and let them know about this! Do something good and get a great reward.

Extra Credit! Can’t go to a Disneypark? Donate your free ticket to a charity! That’s doubly good!


Tabz (aka Tabitha Grace Smith) is a omnivorous geek with a special love of television. She's a writer, social media strategist, and teacher. In her spare time she blogs over at Doctor Her (a Doctor Who blog) and runs Between the Lines Studios.

One thought to “Do Something Good: Volunteer and Get a Free Day at a Disney Park!”

  1. I currently am a regular weekly volunteer for St. Vincent de Paul in my church feeding and helping the poor. Can I get a free pass for this work?

    Thank you


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