Chuck Vs. The Hack Off

In the episode, “Chuck vs. The Hack Off” we learn that Chuck is much more than the Intersect, he’s got crazy computer skills (even without the Intersect) and he uses them to bypass security systems allowing the team to infiltrate and grab the computer super virus, the Omen virus. It’s a great episode to explain why Chuck can be a spy even without having his brain hijacked. It also explains why he was able to be a great spy without the crazy training that other agents had to go through.


While I don’t have great hacking skills I often feel like Chuck when I start a new job. I usually was the person to fix the computer problems or make a program work. Once, one of the people working me said, “all your problems today have been solved by Tabz, a computer and God.” It’s something that’s happened ever since I went to college. As I was moving in to my dorm one of the upper classmen was making a terrible row. When I investigated I found out that she couldn’t save a file to a disk (yes, back when we had disks). I did it for her in two seconds flat and became the best person since Santa Clause. It was highly amusing. So, I may not be able to go head to head with Chuck like the episode, but I do think I’d be happy with a place on the Nerd Herd team.


It was one of my favorite episodes of Season 5 and I wish we would have seen more of Chuck’s computer skills at work during the show.


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