Sue Watches Buffy #10 (Graduation Day, Parts I & II)

Buffy-Series-3-Graduation-day-Part2-nicholas-brendon-6713092-1124-842Well, gosh- put on your graduation caps and robes and come revisit Sunnydale Class of ’99 with Em and Sue as we watch the finale of season 3. We have many goodbyes in this episode: we say goodbye to Sunnydale High, the mayor in his human form (and demon form, for that matter), conscious Faith , Angel and his relationship with Buffy (yippee!), the library, Snyder, Harmony (…seriously Sue- she died), the soda machine that gives you Coke when you push root beer, listen to me… I sound like Willow. We are actually excited to move on to season 4 with all it’s mysteries it may contain, we get a new show to watch, etc. It’s all good.

Sue Watches Buffy #01


CompleteBuffy_Halloween_S2_E6_willowOn this week’s edition of Yes Mother, it’s a Sue Watches Buffy episode! We discuss the first 6 episodes of season 2. We discuss what we like and didn’t like. Sue comes up with some predictions. And listener Keri points out in some feedback that Buffy’s father is played by the actor that played Almonzo in Little House in the Prairie. Sue is pretty excited about this because she thought Almonzo was one of her first childhood crushes. But about 10 minutes after recording she realizes she was thinking of Albert the whole time. Almonzo was the creepy older guy Laura marries way too young and Sue definitely did not have a crush on him. Listen along if you are curious about what Sue thinks of Buffy!

Top 5 Buffy Quotes from Season 1

There are few TV shows as quotable as Buffy in my world. Thinking about the fantastic quotes from the series here’s my top five quotes for Season 1.

#5 – Fork Guy (Teacher’s Pet)

Giles: That’s all he said? Fork Guy?
Buffy: That’s all Cryptic Guy said: Fork Guy.
Giles: I think there are too many guys in your life

#4 – Xander Shaped Friend (The Witch)

Buffy: Hmm, I know you don’t, that’s ’cause you’re my friend. You’re my Xander-shaped friend!


#3 – This Week (Out of Mind, Out of Sight)
Principal Snyder: There are no dead students here. This week.
#2 – He Loves This Part (The Harvest)
Giles: For as long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. One girl in all the world, a Chosen One…
Buffy: He loves doing this part.
Giles: Alright. The Slayer hunts vampires, Buffy is a Slayer, don’t tell anyone. Well, I think that’s all the vampire information you need.

#1 – Pretty Dead (Prophecy Girl)

Buffy: I may be dead, but I’m still pretty. Which is more than I can say for you.


Did I miss any of your top 5? Add them in the comments below!

Quadruple Z Episode #012 – Review of Buffy 5×18 – “Intervention”

Join Tabz, Emma, Kim, Heidi and Garrett as they discuss Buffy Season 5 episode 18, “Intervention.” Recap

Buffy and Giles leave for the desert on a vision quest in an attempt to find a way to fight Glory. While they are gone, Spike decides to have a little fun with his BuffyBot but the gang mistakes it for the real Buffy and think that she has gone crazy. Meanwhile, Glory’s minions also mistake the BuffyBot for the Slayer and, noticing its devotion to Spike, begin to suspect that he is the Key.

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