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Investigating Mars Episode #026- A Trip to the Dentist

This week on Veronica Mars, the case of Veronica’s rape is solved, Keith has some cases to take care of, and Logan and Veronica attend Logan’s unbirthday party.  Kim joins us for this episode of the podcast where Heidi’s audio didn’t record, Jimi had a difficult time with this episode, and we have our final Lilly Kane murder predictions.

The clip after the music is from our Clash of the Tritons episode.

Investigating Mars Episode #024- Hot Dogs

In this episode of Veronica Mars, Backup and Veronica save kidnapped dogs in Neptune, Trina’s boyfriend beats her up, and Veronica has another get out of jail free card for Weevil.  On this episode of the podcast, we are sans guest host, we didn’t realize Backup had been replaced in episode 4, and we might like Aaron Echolls a little here, but maybe not.

Investigating Mars Episode #023- Weapons of Class Destruction

In this episode of Veronica Mars, Neptune High is getting bomb threats, Logan and Veronica share a surprising kiss, Duncan goes missing, and Keith is dating Wallace’s mom.  Nuchtchas joins us for this episode of the podcast, wherein we have an in depth discussion about JTT, we aren’t thrilled about Veronica acting like an idealistic teenager when it comes to her family, and Donut was a little less cardboard.

The clips after the credits come from:

1. Clash of the Tritons

2. Ruskie Business

3. Betty and Veronica

Investigating Mars Episode #021- Kanes and Abel’s

In this episode of the show, Veronica finds Abel Koontz’ daughter,  she also tries to help a girl at school who is being harassed, and we meet the rival PI in Neptune.  We are missing Naomi and a guest co-host this week.  In this episode of the podcast, we have an in depth discussion of antique baby prams, and we are sure Duncan is guilty except he probably isn’t.

There are some Angel spoilers around the 15 minute mark.

The clip after the closing music comes from our episode about 1×08, Like A Virgin.

Investigating Mars Episode #020- Betty and Veronica

On this episode of Veronica Mars Polly the Parrot is missing, Lianne is back and goes to rehab, and Veronica listens to the interrogation tapes from Lily’s murder investigation.  John joins us for this episode and we with this episode had actually been a comic book, and the fact that Abel Koontz has a daughter is a total non-reveal.