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Investigating Mars Episode #019- Ruskie Business

In this episode of Veronica Mars, love is in the air.  Meg has a secret admirer, a russian woman looks for her long lost love, and Logan continues the search for his mother.  Paul joins us this week and in this episode of the podcast, we wonder how all these high school boys can look so much alike and we talk about the three chokers.  There is also lots of speculation.

Investigating Mars Episode #017- Mars vs. Mars

In this episode of Veronica Mars, a favorite teacher is accused of having relations with a student and Keith takes the case, much to Veronica’s dismay.  Also, Logan wants Veronica’s help to locate his not-dead mother and Veronica stumbles upon some interesting news while looking into Duncan’s medical condition.  Kim joins us on this episode of the podcast to talk about how a teacher in this situation would actually act, we find ourselves saying poor Logan again, and we talk about how Veronica’s felony charges are piling up.

Investigating Mars Episode #016- Lord of the Bling

In this episode of Veronica Mars a rapster/mobster/father hires Keith to find his missing daughter, Veronica looks into the case and remembers how she used to be friends with Yolanda, and Logan attends his mother’s funeral.  John joins us on this episode of the podcast, which should be subtitled Tangentcast, we are not impressed with the A-plot, we discuss Duncan look-a-likes, and we try to establish a timeline.

Investigating Mars Episode #015- Clash of the Tritons

This week on Veronica Mars, Veronica is accused of making fake IDs, there is trouble in the Echolls family, and we learn more about the people who were close to Lilly.  There is no guest on the podcast due to technical difficulties and this being our second time recording this episode.  This week on the podcast, we don’t like the MTV2 style music video but enjoy Veronica’s singing, the school counselor has very questionable ethics, and who is Trina?

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Investigating Mars Episode #014- Jody Whitesides Interview

This is a very special episode of the podcast.  Heidi had the opportunity to interview Jody Whitesides, a musician whose music has been played on Veronica Mars.  The discussion includes music in TV,  Jody’s music and upcoming projects, and other geeky topics.

Check out his music here.

Hero Unexpected featured at the end of the podcast, purchase this song and others here. 

Investigating Mars Episode #013- Silence of the Lamb

In this episode of Veronica Mars, Mac finds out she was switched at birth, Keith is back at the Sheriff’s department, and Officer Leo makes his first appearance.  Tabz joins us for this episode of the podcast to discuss how much we love Officer Leo, Keith and Lamb should be in a buddy cop movie, and we plan the Mac spin-off.

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Investigating Mars Episode #011- An Echolls Family Christmas

In this episode of Veronica Mars, Ah the joys of Christmas!  Poker, pumpkin carving, baseball camp, and adultery.  We have no guest host on this one due to technical difficulties.  The newbies try to decide if they would be in the Aaron Echolls’ conquests picture, Yvette is missing and we miss her Weevil love, and we have more fashion tips, this time on cargo pants and frosted tips.

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Investigating Mars Episode #010- Drinking the Kool Aid



In this episode of Veronica Mars, Veronica investigates a cult and looks into who might be her father.  In this episode of the podcast, Simone joins us and the newbies are not drinking the kool aid and there is more time travel with water beds.

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