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Investigating Mars Episode #069- Of Vice and Men

On this episode of Veronica Mars, Veronica searches for a missing boyfriend, Logan finally confesses, and Keith runs into trouble. On this episode of the podcast, Kaila joins us and Wendall, Rando-girl, and Ben are in this episode, the Buffy references fly, and our listeners will enjoy the episode much more since they are all drunk now.

Investigating Mars Episode #066- President Evil

In this episode of Veronica Mars, Keith tracks down a deadbeat dad and Wallace is having trouble in school. Kim joins us for this episode of the podcast where we wish Veronica would quit accusing Weevil of wrongdoing, we plan a doggy cam episode, and did Wallace ever show interest in being a mechanical engineer?

Investigating Mars Episode #064- Wichita Linebacker

On this episode of Investigating Mars, a football playbook goes missing, Weevil works for Keith, and Veronica meets the Dean. In this episode of the podcast, Beth joins us and explains the football playbook for us non-sports people and if you see a trail of M&Ms, you’ll know Yvette is nearby.

Investigating Mars #063- My Big Fat Greek Rush Week

In this episode of Veronica Mars, it’s rush week and Veronica infiltrates a sorority, and Wallace and Logan are involved in a sociology experiment. For this episode of the podcast, Lori joins us as we discuss the newbies new favorite character, we will not forgive stupidity, and Professor Homer Simpson and Shawn from Boy Meets World meet up.