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Investigating Mars Episode #058- Not Pictured

In this episode of Veronica Mars, it’s Neptune High’s graduation and we find out who crashed the bus. Yvette and Mallika are vindicated with their predictions of Beaver this season and Jimi is crushed by this turn of events.

Clips after the show are from A Trip to the Dentist, our season 2 wrap-up episode, Normal is the Watchword, My Mother the Fiend, Donut Run Commentary episode, The Quick and the Wed, and two from Happy Go Lucky.

Investigating Mars Episode #056- Happy Go Lucky

In this episode of Veronica Mars, the Aaron Echolls trial is underway and Weevil needs help with his math homework.  In this episode of the podcast, Paul joins us to talk about the broken justice system in Neptune and we’re not really comfortable talking about most of these plots.

The clips at the end of this episode come from One Angry Veronica and The Quick and the Wed.

Investigating Mars Episode #054- Nevermind the Buttocks

In this episode of Veronica Mars, Weevil helps out his former gang and Veronica is once again involved in a dog case.  In this episode of the podcast, Kaila joins us to find out that Jimi is going to be very angry if Mallika and Yvette are right about Beaver.  Also, next up Tangents with Jimi and Naomi.

Investigating Mars Episode #052- Plan B

In this episode of Veronica Mars, Logan gets to blow up Shark Stadium, Weevil takes matters into her own hands, and Gia is just Gia.  In this episode of the podcast, we are missing Mallika but Elisabeth joins us to hear the moment Naomi gave up on LoVe and Jimi reminisces about being at that stadium.