Yes Mother Podcast episode #12 S2E1: “Gone But Not Forgotten”

imageWelcome to the world ladies! (and gentleman) please watch out for the axe murders and whores under your rugs- maybe you should be sweeping a little more frequently.

Hello Guests! Check in time is now. Bates Motel is back, and boy what a great way to start! The show starts very close to how we ended it- with a cut up Norman and a cut up Miss Watson. The Bates say good bye to her at her funeral, then we say good bye to the Bradley we used to know. Quickly we jump 4 months ahead to a much happier time when sun dresses and pop country are welcome (except pop country is never welcome in Emily’s house). Norma seems on top of the world- but that lasts about 2 seconds until she finds Norman skinning sophisticated animals, the bypass is a go, Bradly is now dark and broody and gun happy, Norman is obsessed with his dead teacher, Dylan’s rent money is tainted, and Sheriff Romero gets sneaky on the sidewalk. What else could be going wrong? Find out by listening to Em and Sue’s discussion on this awesome first episode of the season.

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