Yes, Mother: Bates Motel, S4E4: “The Lights of Winter” Feedback

28-bates-motel.w529.h352In The Lights of Winter, we see Norma and Alex awkwardly face each other at breakfast…Oh let’s face it- the awkwardness was alllll Norma. She ends up meeting him at the Winter Lights Festival though in the end (after a little pep talk with Emma), and is then smooth as hot toddies. Meanwhile, Norman breaks out of Pineview to go to a strip club? Yep. Shenanigans and feather boas ensue. Oh and a visit from Mother of course, for this isn’t the type of place Norman likes…

In this episode of the podcast, Em and Sue (and sometimes La Gata) read your feedback, come up with theories and mama bear. THEN we are joined with one of our listeners who got to visit the set during the filming of this episode, and she gives us some behind the scenes info on their day’s experiences.

Join us!

ps Don’t read too much into the fact that the song is about a girl named “Emily”, it’s just a coincidence.

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