Yes Mother: Bates Motel S3E4: “Unbreakable”

013df12530322f01d079d4e458bd63fd65aa68a11fIn the 4th episode of this season’s Bates Motel, frankly- we seem to learn a little more about some characters then we wished to know. Too much about Norman’s quest to make his girlfriend jealous -and we don’t mean Emma- (and while we’re at it: too much about his horrible sandwich making habits!). Too much about Bob Paris and his regard of hookers, and TOO MUCH about Caleb’s feelings about his sister! Despite the over sharing- it was an enjoyable episode (and one Emily didn’t realize was so funny until she recorded a podcast about it with her sister).

Join Em and Sue as we laugh our way through breaking this unbreakable episode down! (While I’m at it: why oh why did Caleb prove to be unbreakable??? He’s alive- dammit!)

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