Yes Mother, Bates Motel S3E3: Persuasion

01cacd65df9b64e056e08d5fbddecbf38c6af90401Well, episode 3 aired this week and it didn’t disappoint (well, it disappointed Sue a little since Chick was absent).  Other than that- we had some great stuff: Norma in a morgue, capers with pot plants, hulkified bed lifting and a few plot twists we didn’t see coming.  Not to mention Norman’s head mama made an appearance.  Join Em and Sue as we (hurriedly) try to make sense of the season so far.

Just so you all know: this is the podcast that almost never was.  Emily is putting on a gigantic function this week (almost over- tomorrow night!) so she had very limited time- but who could brush off Bates Motel and this podcast?, THEN the recording mysteriously stopped 30 minutes in- but no fear Sue hopefully recorded a back up.  Yep she did, but her computer won’t let the file open.  Sue pulled off a miracle while Em was too busy to help her or answer her questions and got it and sent it over.  Anyway- here it is… I’m happy to be able to present it to you this week albeit a little late.  (It would have been later -like sunday- but I sprained my ankle today and got out of a mid day appointment and viola!  Editing time!  Now that you know our life story– enjoy the podcast :).

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