Yes Mother: Bates Motel S3E2: “The Arcanum Club”

01938785a3b2588d639c89fb33b005c1dd3f1bdc2cIn this episode, Norma gets worried that her guest in #4 is MIA *Norman!*, Romero moves out of the motel *boo* (resulting in the most gloriously awkward moment EVER), Norman and Emma go out on their first date *shudder*, Caleb shoots a dog *idiot* and Norma gets sneaky in a formal *ecstatic*. Oh and loses it on the bypass sign as only Norma can. In other words this episode was fantastic! Or so WE thought…

Join Em and Sue as we break this episode down, come up with some theories and try to explain away what is going on in Norman’s head. We also laugh, have some good times, read listener feedback, check in some new guests, wash some towel, drills some peepholes….it’s all a good time.

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