Yes Mother: Bates Motel S3 E5 “The Deal”

01b7a6d35f7ce3e5b767750bbf791a3f6582bc8b5fIn this episode of Yes Mother, Emily and Sue discuss the amazing, mid-season episode that is The Deal. In The Deal, we find Norma finally having the people of White Pine Bay by the short hairs! So grab Romero, and let the negotiations begin! Oh also- Dylan and Norman really think that Norma needs to let Caleb have a chance to say he is sorry for incestual rape. How did that go boys? Right. Good plans all around. Also we get an epic Chick sighting. White Pine Bay rules!

In the podcast episode, Em and Sue discuss the finer points through the feedback, then go into an episode discussion. At the end, we have an extra long spoiler section in which we discuss the Q & A Carlton Cuse did with the fans. It’s in the spoiler section because he drops a few hints on what may be coming, so only the most sensitive to spoilers really need stay away. At the very end, you get a taste of what it’s like recording a podcast during spring break.

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