Women’s Day Features Dr. Oz on Cover, First Man on Cover in 30+ Years

Women's Day Magazine Cover with Dr. Oz
(photo credit: Brian Doben for Woman’s Day)

Dr. Oz, whose daytime TV show inspires millions of viewers, is on a mission to help get Americans healthier. His show attracts a largely female audience so it’s no wonder Women’s Day breaks it’s tradition of having women on the cover and has Dr. Oz for this issue instead.

There’s a lot of great information about Dr. Oz’ life, childhood, and his marriage including interview answers like these:

On being an outsider:

Every day in elementary school, I would get off the bus and kids would pick on me. I was in so many fights, I thought the principal’s office was a classroom…I thought I had to prove something because I came into an environment as an outsider…When you’ve been an outsider, you never forget what it feels like. It’s an instant and lifelong way to connect with people, especially when they’re feeling different.


Connecting with his audience:

When I started doing TV, I was a terrible communicator. I’d talk to women who had bad things happen in their lives, and I’d just jump in with answers instead of fully listening to them first…In many ways, it was about working through a lesson my wife, Lisa, has been trying to teach me throughout our marriage: You don’t fix a feeling, you hear a feeling.


Keeping his marriage strong after 27 years:

I sometimes say that in 27 years of marriage, I’ve been married to three different women, and Lisa’s been married to three different men: the student, the surgeon and the talk show host. People do change during a lifetime, and we should view this as a positive instead of panicking and backing away. We don’t want to stay static, because it’s dynamism and newness that keep attraction and a marriage strong.

For more with Dr. Oz, go to http://www.womansday.com/droz  and pick up the May issue of Woman’s Day, on newsstands April 10th.


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