Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels


I’ve always loved the idea of vacation rentals, especially on longer vacations. It’s like staying in a home instead of the sterile environment of a hotel (or noisy hotel as some cases have been). I’ve stayed in a few vacation rental properties over the years, but I never realized how affordable they could be until a couple years ago when I was in Puerto Rico for my friend’s wedding. The best man had rented out a huge place for his family and another family for $600 for a week. If they had gotten a hotel it would have been more than that per night for everyone!

If you’re planning a trip in the near future (or next summer) and want to start planning on saving some cash check out The website features vacation home rental listings and vacation rental managers.

If you’re headed out my way in Los Angeles you could rent this gorgeous mansion or a condo in Hollywood! Want to head up to Vail for some skiing? There’s a beautiful cabin available for rental!

It’s nice to have a website with a one-stop-shop for rental listings. I found some of the cities I looked up didn’t have any postings, but it is a great start. If you have a rental property it’s pretty easy to post a listing. So if you need a place make sure you check out

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