TV Show Review: Big Brother 11 The First Four Evictions

bbwk4 I was out of town for a couple weeks, so this is going to be a summation and review of the first four evictions in the Big Brother house this season. It’s been a crazy and hostile house already this year. There a lot of strong personalities clashing.

The first week, when Jesse was HOH, Braden and Shima were nominated. The cliques were divided on what to do. Alliances have not been formed based on what clique the houseguests were in. On eviction night, Ronnie voted to evict Braden even though he had promised he would keep him. Of course, he promised that to both sides. So, Ronnie did vote for his clique-mate Shima, but Michele did not. Jesse had to bread the tie and Braden when home.

Ronnie was the next HOH. He promised to do something that would turn the house upside down. He, however, did not. He stuck by the athletes, well some of them. He nominated Laura and Jeff, who was an athlete but not getting along with his clique. Jeff won the Power of Veto, which he used on himself, and Jordan was put up as a replacement nominee. Ronnie was called out for playing both sides and stayed in his HOH room a lot. When he did come out, Russell would follow him around calling him a rat. Laura was eventually evicted.

In the HOH competition, Jesse prevailed…again. He really doesn’t need to win anything that will make himself think he’s better than he already does. He nominated Jordan and Michele, and Michele won the PoV removing herself from the block. She was replaced with Casey. Casey found out Jesse wanted him voted out and became a bit of a sore loser his last few days. The speeches on eviction night have been crazy this season. Calling people out, telling other houseguests what they think of them. These people aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Casey was evicted and the cliques were demolished.

This last week started out with Russell winning HOH. It was an endurance competition and it was Russell and Jeff at the end. Russell made a deal that Jeff and Jordan were safe to get the HOH. Russell was starting to see that Jesse, Shima, and Natalie weren’t looking out for his best interest. He nominated Ronnie and Lydia, which Jesse wasn’t happy about, because Ronnie was with them. Michele won the PoV again and did not use it, even though Ronnie tried to threaten her into it. There were a lot of fights this week with people getting the Big Brother restraining order, which means they have to stay three feet from each other. Ronnie went home! Now, I’m trying to be unbiased here, but when a person goes in saying they’ve watched the show religiously ever since it was on and knows how to play the game and then acts like Ronnie. I have no sympathy at all.

So that’s the wrap up for the first four weeks. The way this is going, I only see it getting better. The Coup D Etat has been introduced again this season and Jeff is in possession of it. Shima is the HOH, so next week he has the option to remove her nominations and replace them with his own. It could be very excited. Stay tuned to Big Brother to find out what happens.

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