TV Review: Big Brother 11- The Next Three Evictions

This season of Big Brother will probably not go down in history as the most strategic, but it may be the most explosive. I was going to write my review on one week, not two, but then things started happening that hadn’t been shown on the show and didn’t think I could review it without being too spoilery.

When last we left off, Chima had won Head of Household. She nominated Russell and Lydia, with the intention of getting Russell out. Kevin won the Power of Veto, but chose not to take his friend Lydia off the block. He knew the plan was to evict Russell, and there was the secret power floating around. The houseguests were calling it the wizard power.

The night of the live eviction rolled around, only it wasn’t live. CBS chose to tape the show, because Chima had threatened to go on a rampage if the Coup D’ Etat was used. They didn’t want her doing something that couldn’t be edited with the few second delay with live shows.

Julie Chen asked if the person with the secret power wanted to use it, and Jeff stood up. He couldn’t put Chima or Kevin on the block, since they were HOH and PoV winners. He put Natalie and Jesse up for eviction. Then, the houseguests had to vote. Jesse was voted out. It’s kind of funny that last season Jesse was voted out because of America’s Player and this season he got out because America gave the power to someone who would get him out.

Chima, Natalie, and Lydia were furious. Next up was the HOH competition. Michele won it. At this point, I wasn’t sure how things would go, because Michele hadn’t really chosen a side. She ended up nominating Natalie and Chima.

This is when things got crazy. Chima started throwing tantrums. Her and Natalie were hiding people’s things and there were lots of fights, however not much of this was shown on the broadcast. People who had the live feeds knew what happened with Chima a full four days before it was shown on TV.

So, Chima came to the backyard and wouldn’t put on her microphone that they are required to wear. The BB “voice” kept telling her to put it on. Kevin went and got it for her, but she threw it in the pool! This is a big deal. Those mics are expensive. Natalie kept saying it slipped from her hands, but hello! This is a show where the cameras are on you 24/7, obviously the producers know what happened. Chima still wouldn’t put on a microphone and kept talking about wanting to leave the game. So, she was called to the diary room and didn’t come back. The executive producer, Allison Grodner, came over the loudspeaker and told the houseguests that Chima had been removed from the game, due to not wanting to follow the rules.

Since Chima was nominated for eviction and was gone, Michele’s HOH reign was over. She only got it for a couple days, but accomplished what she wanted to. There was supposed to be a double eviction this week anyway. They would have had two evictions on Thursday night, but now will just have one. They played a new HOH competition, which was actually supposed to be for Power of Veto. Jordan took the prize, because Jeff gave it to her. What a nice guy!

Then, Lydia started throwing tantrums. She had to wear the BB Unitard because of the competition and didn’t want to. She had a few big fights with people, and she didn’t even like Chima the week before. Lydia and Natalie were acting like best friends when they’d been fighting over Jesse previously. These people don’t keep their feelings inside, which makes for good TV.

Jordan nominated Lydia and Natalie. Kevin made a very good effort at trying to get Jeff and Jordan to distrust Russell. They played for Power of Veto on the live show. Jordan was victorious, though Michele put up a good fight for it. Jordan didn’t use the Veto and Lydia was sent to the Jury House.

No one was crowned HOH, as the competition wasn’t over when the live show ended. I’m not sure if it was meant that way, but either way we won’t know until Sunday who is ruling the house this week. Lots happened in this last two weeks, which has made this season one to remember.

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