Supernatural Boys and Epic Road Trips

Season 2 of Supernatural is appearing on Blu-Ray (much to delight of fans) and it’s hard not to think of the show without thinking about road trips. The boys travel the US, mostly in the small backroads, searching for their mother’s killer and, in the end, the truth about their lives.

Car-centered road trips are quintessential Americana, but the idea of setting off to find yourself is esential to the hero’s journey from the earliest forms of literature. It’s easy to see why, journeys expose you to other forms of ideas, cultures, and customs that are different than your own. In the case of the WInchesters it expands their own beliefs on their morals (especially in the Season 2 episode “Bloodlust” when they’re confronted with the concept of “harmless” vampires).

Trips have always expanded my own horizon. I remember as a little girl traveling across country and realizing how different the world was from California (where I lived all my life). Other places were lush, green and covered with trees or vast, expansive deserts without a shade tree in sight.

In the end the important part of the journey is not actually the end. As we’ve learned with the SPN boys there’s always more truth to discover and more monsters to face. To risk the cliche the journey is the most important part and I can’t wait to rewatch Season 2 on Blu-Ray and enjoy the trip all over again.

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