Sue Watches Buffy (And Angel!) #11: Buffy S4 eps 1-3 and Angel S1 eps 1-3

10355008_10203455290875925_1484474985089492110_nWell, we at Yes Mother had our first calamity: our first recording of this disappeared so we had to record it again. But fear not! We made the best of it by inviting Paul Maki from Idjitcast and The Ghostlight Podcast to join us so we could have a fresh and new podcast and not just try to regurgitate the lost one. It worked great for the most part (I noticed we forgot to mention a few key things the second time around. Nothing catastophic, but if some favorite parts about the episode are missing in our discussion, just be sure we talked about it once upon a time and that it was brilliant and insightful.)

In this episode we discuss the beginnings of Buffy season 4, we share a few roommate horrors, Emily thinks thai stick is just really good chicken satay (I’m a Mormon people! What do you want from me??), and we glory in the return of Spike… and Harm. Oh- and we introduce Sue to Angel’s series. I wonder what she thought of that…

Join us!

By the way… sorry it’s been so long, but that would be on account of the stupid lost recording, but we will have the next one up very soon- I’m looking at it right now on my computer.  It’s there!

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