Sue Watches Buffy #3

IMG_1651In this installment, Sue and Em discuss the epic episode run that is Surprise to Passion and find out if Buffy (and Angel) managed to surprise Sue. We tackle subjects you’d expect like the relationships in the show, how much of a d-bag is Angel? and can he ever come back from this or did he reach the point of no return? Also did Emily play another Captain and Tennille song? (She wouldn’t want any of her listeners to be culture free.)

Come listen and hear newbie Sue’s reactions to these great episodes and find out if she can come up with any theories on where we might go from here.

Sorry for the supersized podcast this week, but any one who has seen these episodes probably understands— perhaps you might want to break it up into a couple listens. Beep! If you stay until the end, you can get a taste of what it’s like podcasting when you have family.

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