Still Flying Episode #001 – Serenity (Newbies)

Welcome to our newest introcast: Still Flyin’, a podcast about the show Firefly. Join Tabz, Harriet and Melanie as they discuss the episode “Serenity” from Firefly, why they don’t like Badger, why they adore Kaylee, and make predictions on the rest of the series!

WARNING: Minor spoilers for Buffy and Dollhouse in this episode.

Harriet – Some point we’re going to see the Reavers
Harriet & Melanie – Jayne’s going to turn on Mal
Melanie – Learn more about Shepherd Book
Melanie – More between Mal and Inara

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Theme song: “Gotta Fly” by Marian Call
Intro/Credits: Dan Putnam (Mal from Firefly Between the Lines)

Next episode: “Serenity” with fans of Firefly (i.e. people who have seen the series already).

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Tabz (aka Tabitha Grace Smith) is a omnivorous geek with a special love of television. She's a writer, social media strategist, and teacher. In her spare time she blogs over at Doctor Her (a Doctor Who blog) and runs Between the Lines Studios.

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