Smallville: What Superhuman Power Would You Choose?

When you get a bunch of comic book enthusiasts together eventually the discussion must go to the question: which superpower would you want if you could only get one? I think it’s one of those safe topics because there’s really no right answer and you can’t really harm your friendship while discussing the relative merits of invisibility vs frost-touch. With the series finale of Smallville over, I’ve been thinking about the same question. Which of Clark Kent’s Superman abilities would you want?

Of course, there’s super strength and super speed, which Clark discovers early on in Season 1. But invulnerability, super healing, X-ray vision, heat vision, super-hearing, super-breath, and flight. But which would you choose out of the set. Especially, given Smallvile’s take on Superman, all of those abilities grow over time and with practice. Clark’s flight ability especially took the ten seasons to really develop and be used.

With all of these powers on the table it’s hard to know which one to take. While some are easy to give up (X-ray vision, do I really need that every day?) others seem to be linked together (invulnerability and super-healing). Do you need invulnerability to travel at super speed or flight? What if you run into something by accident?

I think if I were able to pick one of Clark’s super powers it’d be super healing. Mostly because it would cut down on a lot of pain. I’m pretty annoyed with pain in general so healing quickly would be a nice super power to have. So what power would you take (if you could)? And why?

Rewatch the entire series of Smallville and follow Clark’s superpowers grow from the Pilot when he discovers his super speed by running through the cornfield until Season 10 where he and Lois hover while dancing.

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