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Non-Spoilery Review

Legend of the Seeker on the outside might look like just another Xenia or Hercules-style show (which isn’t entirely a bad thing in my opinion) that’s way too campy to be taken seriously (point in fact all three shows are produced by Sam Raimi). Yet the show has a surprisingly awesome cast, beautiful shooting locations and a story line that is compelling and, at times, complex. If you enjoy fantasy odds are that you’ll really enjoy Legend of the Seeker, which is based very loosely on The Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind. Since I watched both episodes together we’ll review the first two episodes together. More spoilery review about the pilot episodes “Prophecy” and “Destiny” after the cut.

Episode Recap from

Prophecy: After a chance encounter with a beautiful woman named Kahlan, Richard Cypher learns of an ancient prophecy that has named him the first true Seeker in over a millennium. Now Richard, Kahlan, the Wizard Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (“Zedd” for short) and the magical Sword of Truth must stand together against the ruthless tyrant Darken Rahl.

Destiny: Richard pursues Fane in the hope of recovering the Book of Counted Shadows. Chase continues to aid Richard as well as his new found friends Kahlan and Zedd. Darken Rahl sends an army to the boundary to try to weaken it so the wall can be taken down.

Spoilery Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started watching Legend of the Seeker, but the beautiful opening shots (it’s filmed in New Zealand) and the fast pace, heart-pounding-in-your-chest chase scene got me hooked. Of course, the fantasy elements didn’t hurt. There’s some great CGI and, unlike a lot of fantasy series, they drop you in the middle of the world without a long, boring preamble to explain everything.

I particular fell in love with Zedd (Bruce Spence), the mentor/wizard that’s helping Richard on his adventure. His fun oddities were a highlight and his acting was even better.

All in all a great couple of initial episodes, and well worth the ride.

Quotes of the Episodes:

Kahlan: Not me, it is the prophecy.
Zedd: Prophecy be damned! I averted the prophecy when I brought him here, until you opened a nice little door into the boundary and said, “Right this way to the Seeker, ladies and gentlemen!”

Zedd: Lesson Number One, Seeker: Sometimes to gain ground you need to slow down.
Richard: That doesn’t make sense.
Kahlan: Never expect sense from a wizard.
Zedd: Especially a hungry one. I’m not good on an empty stomach.

Rating: [rating:4.5]


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