Review: Disney Stories

If you’re looking for the perfect read-to-me stories for the little Disney kid in your life — look no further! These amazing storybooks feature large, colorful and bright illustrations and the stories are simplified for little readers. Both books have 14 stories to choose from.

Disney Stories for 2-Year Olds features Mickey, Minnie, and friends. There’s a great story about when Mickey first met Pluto and another story about Minnie trying to train her dog, Fifi!

The stories for 3-year-olds book is based on the animated Disney classics (Lion King, Robin Hood, Dumbo, Peter Pan and more. Since the new live-action Lady in the Tramp is coming, I enjoyed reading the Lady in the Tramp story!

I can’t wait to read both books with my little niece and nephew!

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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