Review: Big Brother 11 — Meet the Houseguests.


The Big Brother 11 houseguests entered the house on Thursday night.  Well, actually they entered about a week before, but they showed it on TV  this Thursday.  Twelve people entered the house and selected their sleeping arrangements, but there is of course a twist.  We’ll get to that in a minute.

The houseguests were introducing themselves and getting to know each other when host Julie Chen came on their TV.  The houseguests will be playing in high school cliques this year.  They will still play as individuals, but if a member of a clique wins HOH, the other members of their clique are safe from eviction as well.  The cliques are as follows: popular, athletes, brains, and off beat.

Jordan– The typical popular girl: blonde and cute.  She has a strong southern accent and is a waitress.

Braden- The hot, California surfer dude.  He brags about his looks and is very laid back.  He also works as a model and actor.

Laura- A bikini model, that says it all.  Of course she’s popular.

Russell- A commercial real estate broker, but also a mixed martial arts fighter.

Natalie- A world champion Bronze medalist in Tai Kwon Do.  Claims she’ll lie, cheat, or steal to win and is already starting out that way.

Jeff- An advertising salesman who loves to play sports and be outdoors.  Would love to have a “showmance” in the BB house.

Chima- A freelance journalist who will use her smile to get what she wants.

Ronnie- A self proclaimed video game geek.  Collects Star Wars and Sci-Fi collectibles and is a speech and debate champion.

Michele- Has a PhD in neuroscience.  Says she has studied the mind and can spot a lie from a mile away.


Kevin- A gay graphic designer.  Claims he has a habit of finding people’s flaws and magnifying them.  Calls himself ghetto, fabulous, and inappropriate.

Lydia- A tattooed effects make up artist.  She has been a nanny for a high profile couple and says not to judge a book by its cover.

Casey- A fifth grade teacher during the day and DJ at night.  Has a nineteen year old and one year old son.

These are the houseguests and the lying has already begun.  Michele told everyone she was a lab assistant to downplay her smarts.  Natalie lied about her age, saying she was 18 when she’s really 24.  She also didn’t want people to know she was athletic, so when put in the athletes clique she had to admit she did Tai Kwon Do.  Kevin already called her out on not being 18.  Casey has decided he doesn’t like Shima, because she laughs at her own jokes.  Her own clique is saying Natalie is too cocky, and all the girls think Jeff is hot.

The first Head of Household competition was played and another twist was revealed.  The person who won HOH would not have the honor.  That clique would have a previous houseguest return and be in their clique.  This previous houseguest would be the first HOH.  The competition was in the Big Brother “locker room.”  The houseguests had to put on underwear attached to a rope, which lifted them off the ground, giving them giant wedgies.  Yep, back to high school.  They also had to hold on to a toilet seat.

The previous houseguests up for the honor of returning to the game were: Cowboy for the off beats from season 5, Jesse for the athletes from season 10, Jessica for the populars from season 9, and Brian for the brains from season 10.

Ultimately, the athletes won and Jesse will return to the Big Brother house.  It should be interesting to say the least, as Jesse was hated in his season.  They’ll show his entrance into the house on Sunday night.  It’s shaping up to be another crazy summer of Big Brother.

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