Retelling Stories in New Mediums (Supernatural Anime)

I’ve been thinking a lot about retelling modern stories, especially with the debate a couple years ago about rebooting the Buffy movie (without Joss Whedon). Is it possible for good stories to be retold by different people in different settings especially?

Supernatural is getting a its own reboot, but in anime style. The new series combines and retells seasons 1 and 2 in a different way than the original TV series. It sounds promising that the creators can do what they want without fear of a budget. Without worrying about CGI and SFX (which are already amazing on the TV show) they can tell the story again in new ways.

While fans seem torn about Buffy Season 8, it seems that Season 9 might bring back some of the elements they were missing. Switching genres can be hard for fans who only know a story told in one genre (how many times have we heard book fans whine about movies being ‘told wrong’).

I for one, try to be a bit more open minded. I think good stories transcend a particular medium. Great stories can live comfortably in graphic novels, anime, books, TV, movies, heck.. even music. If the rabid fans can open their minds to a new interpretation they can really enjoy what the new story has to offer.

Want to see how it plays out for SPN? Check out this scene (that mirrors a scene in the finale of Season 2)

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