Movie Review: Year One

Favorite Quote:

[Zed has eaten an apple from the ‘Tree of Knowledge’]
Zed: I might know everything. Ask me something?
Oh: Where does the sun go at night?
Zed: Pass. Next question.
Oh: Where do babies come from?
Zed: Pass. Next question.
Oh: [noticing a snake] There’s a snake on my foot.
Zed: In the form of a question.
Oh: [scared] There’s a snake on my foot?
Zed: Correct!

When my friend told me he was having a bad week and wanted to go see “Year One” in an effort to cheer up, I was – to be honest – less than thrilled. I’d only seen Michael Sera in “Juno”, and while I liked Jack Black, I wasn’t a huge fan of his. Imagine my surprise to discover that I actually liked this movie.

The story follows a hunter, Zed (Black) and a gatherer, Oh (Sera) who are forced from their village after Zed eats fruit from the forbidden tree of Knowledge. Through a well-written comedy of errors, the two are thrust head long into the pages of the Old Testament itself. Together, they witness Caine killing Abel, Abraham nearly sacrificing Isaac, and other biblical events. Zed and Oh even travel to ancient Sodom in an effort to save the women they love from slavery and ritual sacrifice.

While this is not a movie for children, full of suggestive scenes and moments that are somewhat disgusting, adults who are not easily offended will enjoy both the comedy and the metaphysical questions. I think what I enjoy most about this movie is that it will leave you thinking, “Do we make our own destiny, or are we pawns of a higher building?” Watch this film, and decide for yourself.

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