Joe! Your Cup is Alive!

gijoe_slurpeeIn conjunction with G.I. Joe coming to theaters soon, 4 premium lenticular SlurpeeĀ® cups produced by IGH Solutions are coming to 7-ElevenĀ®. The cup’s new lenticular printing technology allows it to capture a full-motion video clip on the cup’s label.

Each collectible Slurpee cup (available this month at 7-Eleven stores while supplies last) features one of four characters — heroes Duke and Snake Eyes and anti-heroes Storm Shadow and Baroness — with each character appearing fully animated as a result of a new lenticular printing technology patented by IGH Solutions.

Since its release more than 40 years ago, G.I. Joe has been one of the most sought-after collectible toys for generations of kids (and adults). For the first time, collectors can own a mini-scene of animated film footage captured on a cup. The full-motion video effect is capable of capturing up to 24 frames of animation.

“The entertainment industry loves this printing technology for its ability to mimic sophisticated film imagery on movie merchandise,” said Ed Dedman, product manager for drinkware at IGH Solutions. “Retailers love it because it drives collectors into their stores and generates buzz in the action film merchandise blogosphere. We believe these one-second action-scenes enhance the collectability of these G.I. Joe Slurpee cups.”



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