Foyle’s War Returns for a Season 8

Michael Kitchen as Foyle

If you haven’t watched Foyle’s War, you should. It’s a British show set in World War II with a charming detective. One of my family’s favorites to watch. When the show was set to finish back in 2010 we were disappointed. Apparently in November of 2010 Acorn Media (which had the DVD rights since 2003) acquired all the other rights for the show as well (including: underlying intellectual property rights, Internet streaming, download-to-own, and broadcast television).

Since Season 7 was set a the end of the war, Season 8 will deal with post-WWII spying and espionage (and, of course, more murder). According to the press release, “Three two-hour films have been ordered from Eleventh Hour Films, the production company founded by producer Jill Green. Eleventh Hour Films takes pride in the research work undertaken for each story as all three episodes are firmly based on true stories from 1946 onwards.”

Michael Kitchen is back as Foyle and Honeysuckle Weeks will be returning as Samantha Stewart. Jill Green will produce Foyle’s War and further casting details will be announced later this year. A director is yet to be appointed

Production will start in London in September 2012 and will likely air in 2013.

You can catch up on Foyle’s War in the meantime on DVD.


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8 thoughts to “Foyle’s War Returns for a Season 8”

  1. My husband and I are mad about Foyle. In the final episode, Foyle is boarding a ship for the US to find the killer who got away. We haven’t seen Season 7 here in Texas. Can we get it? We’ll look for Season 8 too.

    1. Like Mary Ellen Donahue, we were disappointed that Foyle never got the man who got away during the war, and obviously wondered why he would be heading to the US (to collar the scoundrel?). Great show. Would be interested to know when Season 7 would be available. We ended Season Six watching Christopher Foyle boarding an aircraft.

      Great stuff.

      1. Hi Bill!

        I asked the Acorn folks (they distribute the DVDs in the US) and they aren’t sure yet when it’ll be available. Keep checking their website!


  2. Season five and six I believe we’re combined for the DVD set, so if you have watched up to the 6th season DVD, then you are caught up.

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