Family Ties and Supernatural Season 6 on DVD/Blu-Ray

Season 6 of Supernatural brought the brothers into a strained relationship as they continued to fight in an epic war between Heaven and Hell. Yet, through new monsters, new angels, new problems — the brothers stuck together (for the most part). Proving once again that no matter what happens the Winchesters are always going to think of each other first.

That’s probably one of the themes I like most in Supernatural. No matter how crazy life gets or how stupid it might seem, family sticks together. The boys are ready to go to hell and back to protect each other (literally). It’s awesome to watch just how crazy it has to get for them before they realize all they have is each other.

I’d like to think my family would be similar, but it’s hard to tell with the amount of stress and pressure the boys are under. I know if I was the Winchesters I’d want some friends along too. How about you? Who would you take along with you if you had to become a hunter?

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