Elementary Episode #016 – Details



Join Tabz and Naomi as they discuss CBS’ Elementary and the episode Details.

This episode was edited by Tabz

When Detective Bell survives a drive by shooting while driving his car and his suspected attacker later turns up dead, all signs point to a revenge killing. Holmes and Watson work the case hoping to clear the detective of any wrongdoing. Meanwhile their relationship takes an interesting turn as Holmes offers Watson a new position as his apprentice now that her time as his sober companion has expired


Tabz (aka Tabitha Grace Smith) is a omnivorous geek with a special love of television. She's a writer, social media strategist, and teacher. In her spare time she blogs over at Doctor Her (a Doctor Who blog) and runs Between the Lines Studios.

5 thoughts to “Elementary Episode #016 – Details”

  1. John Michael Hill was great in this show. I always enjoy the little moments he has with Lucy or Miller or Quinn–Liu and Hill will exchange a look in the background while Miller’s pontificating.

    Glad you went to the Sherlock community. Hope you get a jump in downloads.

  2. I just started listening to your podcast. Really enjoying so far, you two have great chemistry. I notice you’re quite far behind in terms of what episode is airing now vs where you are in the podcast; I assume you’re still doing the podcast and you’ll be catching up over time, since this one just came out?

    1. Hi Russell!

      We’re caught up in recording, but not in releasing. Both of us had a horrible winter this past year and fell behind but we caught up recording this summer and hopefully can catch up on releasing by the first fall break on TV.

      1. Awesome, can’t wait! Hey, out of curiosity, do you read any Holmes pastiches? I’ve already read the original books a few times, and so I’m dipping into Holmes works by other authors, and I find the quality to vary greatly from author to author and book to book. If you like reading Holmes pastiches, I would love to hear any recommendations either of you have, either here in the comments or as a brief segment on future podcast(s).

        1. Great idea! Maybe we can do an episode during the hiatus on that! I’ll give you some of my favorites:

          John Dickson Carr teamed up with Doyle’s son and did a series of great locked-room mysteries. http://www.amazon.com/Exploits-Sherlock-Holmes-Adrian-Conan/dp/0517203383

          I also really love a short story collection called the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (http://www.amazon.com/The-New-Adventures-Sherlock-Holmes/dp/0786706988)

          For stories that feel like they’re in a similar voice as the original stories I recommend “Sherlock Holmes: The Rediscovered Railway Mysteries and other Stories” by John Taylor (the audio book is read by Benedict Cumberbatch.)

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