Elementary Episode #014 – The Deductionist

The Deductionist

Join Tabz and Naomi as they discuss the CBS show, Elementary. In this episode we discuss the episode, The Deductionist.

This episode was edited by Tabz.

While chasing down a serial killer escaped from custody, an FBI profiler and ex-lover of Holmes’s comes back into his life. Meanwhile, Watson is evicted from her apartment because the man she had let stay there shot a pornographic film in it.



Jonny Lee Miller’s Run for Charity.

Jonah’s Just Begun (the charity)


Tabz (aka Tabitha Grace Smith) is a omnivorous geek with a special love of television. She's a writer, social media strategist, and teacher. In her spare time she blogs over at Doctor Her (a Doctor Who blog) and runs Between the Lines Studios.

One thought to “Elementary Episode #014 – The Deductionist”

  1. Because this show was designed to capture a post-Super Bowl audience unfamiliar with “Elementary”, I found the elements the showrunners included–half-naked strippers, a half-naked Sherlock, porn films and extreme violence and gore–made this episode less successful in highlighting what this show does right about Sherlock Holmes. There are elements about the episode to like and I’m glad that Tabz and Naomi pointed them out. However, due to the blackout during the game “Elementary” started late and it got low ratings for a post-Super Bowl show, only twenty million live viewers. Emblematic of the things this episode got wrong in a bid to grab uninitiated viewers is the dramatic reveal of of “Shedir” written in blood on the OR doors. Gregson closes the doors to show Sherlock the clue but in reality he must have already seen it on the open doors before he walked in the the crime scene. It was just something pointless but dramatic for the viewers that made no sense in the reality of the show. Kudos to Naomi for spotlighting JLM’s charity run.

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