Drive with Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch

Anyone with a GPS can tell you that the voice is one of the most important things about setting up your GPS. Customizing that perfect person to tell you where to go is about as important as choosing your ringtone for your cellphone. Now you can have a couple monsters tell you where that next right turn is before you get horribly lost.

Locutio has partnered with Sesame Workshop to bring Cookie Monster to Garmin GPS systems worldwide. You can see the voice in action in the video below:

Here’s just some of the phrases from Cookie Monster:

  • “There’s traffic ahead, recalculating. Oh boy, me wish me hadn’t eaten calculator.”
  • “Yeah, yeah, in one quarter of mile, turn left, dumb di dumb dumb dumb…”
  • “You have reached destination. And now…COOOOOOKIES!, nom nom nom. ::BURP:: Excuse me, that me.”

Cookie Monster is now available for $12.99 at and

Not bad for having a muppet take a drive with you. We’re pretty sure it’ll keep your kids entertained at least.

If Cookie Monster isn’t your thing (who are you?) then you can wait a bit until the release of Oscar the Grouch who’ll charmingly say things like:

  • “Unless you WANT to get lost, in one mile, turn left. Not that I care what you do.”
  • “Traffic ahead, recalculating. Even though I love traffic, it makes everyone so grouchy.”
  • “You have reached your destination. No need to thank me, I can’t stand good manners.”

Or buy them both and switch them depending your mood!


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