Consulting Sherlock Episode #003 – The Great Game

Join Tabz, Emma, Kim, Scott, and Heidi as they discuss the BBC series, Sherlock. Tabz and Emma have seen the series before, but Kim and Heidi haven’t!

Episode Recap from Wikipedia:
Sherlock Holmes is commissioned by his brother Mycroft to investigate the suspicious death of a government employee who was working on a top-secret defence project: the Bruce-Partington Project.[40] After apparently rejecting the case and handing it over to Watson, Holmes begins to be taunted by a sinister criminal who puts his victims into explosive vests and sets Holmes deadlines to solve apparently unrelated cases, including a twenty-year-old cold case involving the shoes of a drowned boy, the disappearance of a businessman, the death of a TV personality and the death of a guard of an art gallery at the hands of an assassin called the Golem. As Holmes solves the cases, he finds that they are all linked. After clearing up the case of the civil servant that Mycroft offered him, Holmes tries to force his unseen adversary to reveal himself. Nearing the end of the episode there is a standoff between Holmes and “Jim Moriarty”, who reveals that he is responsible for the crimes. In the final seconds of the episode Sherlock Holmes points his gun at a bomb on the floor.

Fellow IntroCasts:

Theme Song: Sherlock By StudioMig and David Cyr (from Music Alley)
Artwork: London Eye by telegram (Stock.xchng)


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One thought to “Consulting Sherlock Episode #003 – The Great Game”

  1. The star in the painting does exist in the present day. When the forger was making the fake painting he just looked outside and used the night sky.
    According to the episode commentary, that star doesn’t really exist, but that type of analysis was actually used to catch a forger.

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