We all Just Wanna be Big Stars… (Entourage)

Growing up in Los Angeles you learn one thing: everyone wants to be famous. Anyone who tells you differently is probably lying or has seen the reality behind being famous – it’s a lot of work. But really, who doesn’t want their creative and/or work recognized with fame and celebrity-dom?

Entourage is a pretty popular show because it shows the lives of Vince and his friends who, no matter what, always got each others backs in the end. The scripts are snappy, witty and show the charmed life with a sense of realism (it’s not always big houses and fast cars).

Fame has always been a two edged sword in my mind. Of course, I’d love to walk a red carpet for a movie premiere of something based off my best-selling novels. I’d love to have some fun celebrity friends (Zachery Levi? Call me). I’d love to spend all the hours of my life just doing what I love to do – being creative. I probably would never want to be an actor, but the call of the Hollywood scene is still rather appealing.

Unlike Vince and the boys I probably wouldn’t want to live together with some of my best friends (as much as I love them all). But I would love for some of my best friends to move to Los Angeles so we could all work together. We’re already doing fun things like Between the Lines Studios — imagine if we had money! Could you imagine the Between the Lines studios folks relaxing in a large pool in the Hollywood Hills hashing out our next adventure packed movie? Fantastic.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to be able to do is just enjoy talking the creative process with folks who are my heroes. Being able to sit in a room with writers and actors as colleges instead of me being merely perceived as a fan girl would be fantastic. Not to mention the fun of signing autographs and inspiring other people to write or create.

Of course, there’s a lot to do before my name is up on a big screen or small screen, so until then we’ll watch Entourage and live vicariously through the show. Upside? I have to deal with a whole lot less drama that way.

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“I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Entourage.’